I used to have a Sony ebook reader - which was not bad. The lack of a complete set of Terry Pratchet books led to its dis-use and it is somewhere on a shelf now.

So now I have a Kindle, and I have to say they have done a good job.

But what is mental is that I now have a device which allows access to web pages anywhere in the world at no cost, and runs javascript, and has a keypad.

Heck, you can even edit FireBrick configs on it!

I can see me making javascript & web pages specially for kindles now :-)

Oh, and maybe I'll read some books, but once again they only have some of the Terry Pratchet books available which is totally crazy. Paper books do not suffer this stupidity - you can buy them all and read them in order (which I have done now).


  1. If Amazon could get more than about 6 magazines available on the Kindle I'd replace my old Sony in a second.

  2. Loving my kindle, the purchase of books seemed incredibly clunky on the Sony reader I used when compared with the breeze of buying via the Kindle.

  3. I had a Sony Reader for 2 weeks.. awful battery life (it'd die in 3 days in standby, let alone if you actually wanted to read it), awful screen (low contrast, reflective) which was unreadable without a light directly behind you.

    OTOH I sold it on ebay for about the same I paid for it.. so it wasn't an entire loss.

    The kindle might be worth a punt (especially jailbroken with infinite free 3g) as I'm told they're much better - I'd definately want to see one in the flesh first though and frustratingly although they sell them in tescos these days they never have demo models out. And I don't know anyone with one..

  4. I love my kindle, it's great for using on my long train journey to work.

    to be honest though I hardly ever use it as a web browser. Although it works fine, the screen isn't meant for websites, its meant for static text, and is VERY slow to refresh and the controls don't really work well (no mouse or touchscreen).

    But having said that it's very handy sometimes to be able to get to the internet from it

  5. Tony - contrast on the Kindle is certainly *significantly* better vs. the Sony. Surprised about your battery life issues though; can happily go a few weeks/books on a full charge.


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