End of an era

The neighbouring office to ours have always had some rather quaint computer systems. I think they are something like windows stoneage. Well, to be fair maybe windows 2000, not sure. Something old - and did not even have IPv6. Still uses IE6.

Well, today, they are upgrading to modern machines, windows still (!), flat monitors not CRTs, and better coffee. OK, the better coffee is because I'll bring some cups round from our "bean to cup" machine to keep them on their toes. No, not java :-)

We used to go round to test things worked on IE6, and on a machine that not so much ran javascript but walked it using a frame with wheels on.

The IT support company they use still struggle with anything not starting 192.168, and seem to have reluctantly conceded that there will be addresses with colons in them floating around, which they will probably sort of pretend don't exist. I'll have to set up some port mappings for them (why can't they just do it properly!). Maybe I'll see if they want to come on one of my IP courses... Having said that, they are setting up their windows server, which I would not even try, so they know what they are doing in areas that really matter to our neighbours.

Anyway, all good fun. Hopefully should be a stress free day for them. I'm off to the office so I can lend a hand if/when needed.

How will we test our systems on legacy machines now I wonder?

Good luck guys.

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