When is save 20% not save 20%? (pic)

More on a theme, thanks to a vigilant reader this advert starts top left with a big yellow "SAVE 20%", but that is not what they mean... (click to see full size).


  1. They say "Reduction equivalent to 20% vat applied to the base price" - so they are actually removing the VAT from the price (although not really of course as you still pay VAT).

    It's the Save 20% in the corner that's wrong... presumably added by a mathematically challenged marketing bod.

  2. Well, surely the save 20% is correct - they don't add 20% on to the price, so you've saved having to pay that 20%. No?

  3. Indeed, they do not say 20% "of what". And it is in fact "20% of the ex VAT price" that you are saving.

    It is understood that when you just say "save x%" you are saying that the price you pay has been reduced by x% from the full price you would pay.

    Saying "save 20%" when you do not save 20% of the undiscounted price is just plain wrong!


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