Damn, have to fill in census on paper now...

The employment question cannot be completed for someone that has more than 4 GCSE's but not grades A*-C, and "no qualifications" does not apply either, but the on-line form does not allow it to be blank.

Only option is paper completion where it can be correctly left blank.

Who the hell designs this stuff.


  1. Probably the same people the MET hired to build their crime tracker map site that cost £.5m and 6 months to make and went down under the load within minutes of launching, and was fully replicated in less than 4 hours by a single developer on his own private server.

    The government have no idea how to build any sort of software or websites. They just throw money at contractors until it gets done.

  2. Now all I need to do is to work out how to become that contractor...

  3. Go to public school, meet the right people, grow up and send your kids to public school.
    Rinse and repeat.


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