Nice employer - pick a job title for 27th March

A&A, as a company has decided to allow staff to have any job title and responsibilities they like for the whole of the 27th March 2011

The staff have to say what they would like and the company will officially state that they have that job title for the day. Being a Sunday not much work will be done for that job for that day we expect.

The director (me) has already bagged "Orc Polisher" so don't try that. You also cannot be director or company secretary, sorry.

Of course the official job title you have for that day is what you legally have to state on the census form.

P.S. It is job title for the week ending 27th March 2011


  1. *giggles*

    I want to see Orc Polisher written on your census form, or at least a screenshot if you're doing the online version! Photos or it didn't happen and all that.

  2. I will post a scan of the census form.

  3. Census day falls on my birthday this year. Can I get temporary employment at A&A as "Birthday Suit Wearer"?

  4. What can i be in your Company lol, have you got your I Pad 2 yet and your old one fixed ( hint ) lol oh well off to see my mum , hope to see you soon xxxx

  5. Looks like old one can't be fixed sadly, and new ones are not out until end of the month, all of which is very annoying.

  6. Apparently I cant show you my census form as that would be illegal. Whether I can show just the answer to that question, not sure.

  7. Are you permitting offensive job titles?

    I have enough problems with some organisations refusing to let their employees save "offensive" words in their system, thus preventing them using my correct address until I take it up with their legal department (my road name includes the word "Titup"), even when it's the PAF database that supplied it not the employee.

    I can imagine the fun you could have if your job title was (say) "stupid bugger" or "fucking idiot", or even "bloody horrible waste of space" :)

  8. Any chance I can have your 'dead' ipad for 'experimenting' or does it have S&R value?


  9. I may trying to work out how they take apart, perhaps in front on a camera!

  10. How about "SQL ; DROP DATABASE ; Injection specialist"


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