When is an IPv6 address not an IPv6 address?

Thanks to Dave for sending me this excellent screen shot from CSI New York.

Clearly they do not know of documentation addresses (2001:db8::/32)


  1. They don't know about RFC5737 for IPv4, either. Not a surprise that they ignore RFC3849.

  2. Well if you ignore the 's' (scared to write 'c0c' on screen?) it's a 6to4 prefix for

    And there appears to be a port number on the end as well..

  3. Alternatively, if it's 5c0c written wrong, it's a prefix for Carphone warehouse will be pleased :p

  4. Come on - at least they tried and used a semi-convincing format... and they definitely didn't tread on a real one with that "sc0c" part...

    Nobody got hurt (or bothered) unlike when people's real numbers appear in TV drama (because the producers don't know (or perhaps care) about the OFCOM sterile blocks reserved for that purpose)


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