Well, fun with OFCOM.

We are trying to get 07 numbers as we have mobiles. Customers want 07 numbers! They would rather not confuse the hell out of people giving them an 01/02/03 number, but more importantly so they do not have to pay for incoming calls to the mobile. An 07 number would allow incoming calls to be received for free like other mobile operators.

OFCOM should give us 07 numbers as we are are operating a mobile network (albeit the vast majority subcontracted to 3). We route calls to and from mobile handsets. Simples.

Guess why they won't give us 07s?

They say that we would put 07 numbers on a SIP fixed handset. I have no idea where they get that idea. We have no plans to allow 07's to be assigned to anything other than SIM cards. Yes, we will allow various call diverts as you would expect, and like other operators so, but not assigning an 07 to a fixed SIP handset alone.

What is interesting is that they are saying that if any call could fail to go via wireless telegraphy to/from a mobile device then that is not a mobile service and so we cannot have 07 numbers. Reading the numbering plan, it does indeed say that every call has to be from or to a mobile.

That is interesting. I can't see orange's 07973100150 customer service number going to a mobile - it clearly goes to a call centre (not picking on you orange, all the networks have such numbers). And I think every mobile operator allows a divert on out of coverage option which means calls do not go to/from a handset in those case. Sounds to me like they either need to correct their rules or revoke all 07 numbers in the UK!

I'm waiting for their reply...


  1. Just to add to your ammo, I've dug out the following 07 numbers from the remaining UK physical network operators:

    Three at http://www.three.co.uk/Help_Support/Contact_us/Sales_enquiries advertise +44 7782 333 333 as directed to their call centre. Admittedly, you're only supposed to call it from abroad, but...

    Vodafone at http://www.vodafone.co.uk/vodafone-uk/contact-us/call-or-write/ advertise +44 7836 191 191 with the same caveat.

    O2 are the only company I can find that seems to comply with the regulations (phew, my number is in an O2 block, so it's not going to be revoked). They only advertise 08 and 01 numbers, not 07.

  2. What about redirecting calls by customers ?

    I re-route my voicemail calls to Hullomail which certainly isn't running on someone mobile, so does that mean I can't use an 07 number ?

  3. From strict interpretation of the numbering plan (which is how OFCOM are using it against us) that means your telco should not have the 07 block they have and should have it taken away.

  4. When you said "toothless" did you mean to type "clueless"?

    They're great as a comedy turn over at OFCOM, sadly the tragedy is that they're notionally at least in charge of this debacle.

  5. They said no, again.
    Asking for formal complaints procedures.

  6. "Again your application has been rejected on the grounds that you do not have the relevant of a mobile network in order to be allocated mobile numbering."


  7. How do Virgin/Tesco/Asda get their 07 numbers then? Are they actually getting them from T-mobile/O2/whomever?

  8. I know you're not a member specifically, but it might be worth seeing if ITSPA can help, given it's an issue that's likely to affect other ITSPs in the future - I know they have a few relevant contacts within Ofcom...

  9. How about getting a wireless link and routeing all SIP data across it if the number is an 07 one?

  10. Thought of that - has to be to/from an actual mobile device as well though.

  11. What about GSM to VoIP gateways then? That's what a MVNO really is...They have different rules for those.


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