Losing the race

Arrrg! All this work, and worrying about ADR, mean I am now losing a race to get a character to level 85 against my daughter's partner. It is getting a bit close now with him on 83 and myself on 82.

I wonder if I can sue the ombudsman for the stress caused by this :-)

<--- me on a bad day - and you wonder why we do lunar billing.


  1. I know why you do lunar billing, because you had no real work to be doing that weekend lol

    1. I suspect the ADR customer would love to borrow your time machine (seeing as you posted a reply to a 10:40 blog at 02:48)...

  2. And you managed to respond to the 02:48 response, to your 10:40 blog @ 04:16 :)

  3. After all this ADR lark has absorbed so much of your energies Adrian I think you need to start to "own it" more. I explained your story to my dear old hospitalized dad and despite his woes he gave me some sage advice.

    Try to find a number plate for your car such as F11 ADR put a black mounting screw between the bottoms of the "ones" to turn them into a "U" and let the world know what you think of it!

    Thanks for all you've done for me as a lowly non techie, non-business customer and please remember, health first, family second, money last.

  4. I won getting to 85.
    Now to win at ADR... No word for the last week.


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