Christmas gifts

We often get some nice gifts from suppliers and customers at Christmas, and they are appreciated and shared around the office. We send gifts some times as well, though these days one has to be careful of all sorts of corporate bribery limits and stuff.

So, we got some wine, thanks for the fluid guys... Makes sense. Not everyone here drinks, but nice.

And this morning Shaun received, with no letter or note or anything. Sheets? Was this some cryptic Christmas gift from someone?

I wonder if there is a punch line we have missed :-)

[Update: as expected it turns out that Shaun's partner ordered them with office as delivery address. Was funny while it lasted.]


  1. To show you're well embedded with their company? Maybe? Random. We got beach balls sent to us in summer. Still can't remember what company sent them, but they were fun. Thing was, they were posted inflated...

  2. You would have thought that what with all the sheet he takes from BT, he'd already have an airing cupboard full.


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