To WoW or not to WoW

I have not had chance to play much over Christmas, but I figured that today I would play WoW.

Seems I am not alone in being a tad annoyed that it is not working - arrrrg!


  1. This one's a long outage, apparently. The support forums are predictably hysterical..

  2. It claims it's affecting "various regions of internet traffic" and is not their service that has the problem. I blame my ISP! :P

    1. I am guessing it is their carrier - it looks like they use Telia, and not even their own IPs and AS. Surprised. We'd be happy to try and arrange some more direct peering with them but I really don't know how we contact the right people in Blizzard.

    2. You can ask on their tech support forums for them to PM you a contact. Probably won't work but you could probably slip a sneaky subtle advert into the posting too :P

    3. Surely that would involve getting support out of blizzard :p

      The tech support forums appear to be just a place for 13 year olds to demand free stuff because they were slightly inconvenienced.

  3. Yes that's why I said probably won't work. You'll have to wait until it's quieter anyway.
    But I have had decent responses from them, it's just a bit hit and miss.

    It might be worth opening a ticket in game explaining too, saying is there a contact address? I guess you'd need to pursuade them it was for a good reason.

  4. Come play League of Legends then! It's free! I'll make you an account...


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