Off to Azeroth for a bit

It has been a busy few days, a busy few weeks in fact, but I feel I am starting to get on top of things. I really do still have OSPF to finish, but ironically I have progressed the next project which is my "new ordering system" a little because of this new Home::1 tariff.

I got a bit of a break on Friday and yesterday as it was cousin(?) Hayley's 30th birthday. Had a nice party and nice dinner, and a chance to relax a bit.

Though Saturday morning was, err, fun. I personally went to Pauline's for 8am to wait in for the BT engineer to turn up to finally fix her line. Sandra took her shopping for the day. He turned up mid morning - went off to the cab to move the jumpering to a new port, and all was fine. He then insisted on testing the line, and somehow found a rectified loop, but could not actually fix that as it was not his job! Thankfully, as it was not "service affecting" he was happy to close the job anyway, which again proved the pointlessness of insisting on testing in the first place!

As I have explained before - nothing was in fact faulty - BT had just turned it off, and even right up until the engineer arrived the VDSL modem was in sync, just on a port that went nowhere (logically). Nearly two weeks of faffing, and this was an "expedited" fix, and finally back. I am shocked they have not process for sorting cock-ups like this in any timely fashion. I did not see BT's managing director offering to personally wait at the property for the pointless engineer visit...

I also had other slight stress to take my mind of the BT fun. I had made some very minor (honest) tweaks to the way DD notices are generated because the new Home::1 tariff has "on request" payments for top-ups. That is a DD done right away (2 working days) rather than the usual 5 working day notice email and so on. Sadly I broke things just slightly and people got slightly odd DD notices. What is worse is that in fixing that I sent even more confusing notices to people that do not have DD. Somewhat embarrassing, but all sorted now. Things like this always lead me to try and work out how to restructure the code to be more maintainable in future.

So, Sunday... Done some work this morning, but I am thinking I'll go and level a panda. I got the comment "Awww man a 3D rocket panda :-/" when I reached level 60 and sent Mikey a picture. Don't try and take a picture of a 3D screen on a phone :-) He is trying to catch up though, so maybe I'll add a few levels. The A&A alliance guild on Thunderhorn is finally creeping up the levels at last, but it is pretty much only Mikey and I playing. We need more gamers on line. Maybe I need a Game::1 tariff next :-)

Anyway, was a good party...


  1. Free 60 days WoW game card if you pay for a year's ADSL in advance? :P

    I'd come join you on that server except I play horde on nordrassil and have my own guild there. If I decide to try alliance some time maybe I'll make an alt there.

    1. No idea if Bliz do any sort of game card promotional stuff. If they do, tempted to do some sort of promotional thing.

      Anyway, got to 61. "Zen Flight" is an odd spell - instant cast but not like a normal mount. Usable to break a fall even, and you can mount a proper mount from mid air if you are in zen flight.


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