I see pixels

The iPad mini finally arrived, and works. It is light, and thin, and has a nice big screen compared to some small tablets. It is thinner than the iPhone 5 (just).

It is easier to hold in one hand than a full size iPad. It is easier to type on that an iPhone.

The connector (same as iPhone 5) is indeed much more convenient than the old iPhone/pad connector.

I'll see how well it works in practice when I go to London this evening.

So far the only obvious disappointment is the screen resolution - the pixels are noticeable (even to my poor eyesight).

I would always recommend 3G models to anyone (iPad or iPad mini) as the convenience of being able to use it when out and about is excellent.


  1. I now use my mini almost exclusively, I rarely pick up the iPad 3. The form factor really does trump the screen for me, which was a surprise.

  2. Why go for the 3G option if you have a phone in your pocket that can act as a wireless hotspot? Can your phone not do that?

    1. Power consumption and no battery life.

    2. Ah I see - not a problem here - since I always have the Mifi in the other pocket "just in case" I need to be on long enough to make a noticeable difference to the battery life in the phone (rare)

    3. On my SGS II with Cyanogen 10 I get very good battery life when I activate tethering (plus the battery I have is an excellent make and gives me 3 times the life of the standard SGS II battery).

      I have to say that I advise [teccie] people against getting 3G if they have a phone that does tethering. Those that are none teccie I just say if you think you'll need to use it outside your house then get 3G.

    4. I find even if you're using a miFI or tethering on your phone having the GPS chip comes in handy if you're a passenger in a car for instance.

      I know with the ipad2 the GPS chip is only in the 3G ones not sure about the newer models.

    5. I really think the whole convenience of the iPad means you need the 3G built in. The GPS as well. The messing with turning on tethering or a mifi is just that tiny bit more hassle. I can just "use" the iPad, whether at home, work or elsewhere, without thinking about it.

    6. Ah, silly me - you're all Applephiles - not thinking outside the walled garden where others make wifi tablets with GPS on board... also avoiding having *another* mobile contract :)

    7. Ha, ok, yes. Though we do data SIMs at sensible prices for iPad use...

    8. @The Paper Boy: Not just Applephiles - I'm upgrading my Google Nexus 7 to a 3G model as soon as I can get one for exactly the same reasons. Yes, I carry a MiFi on A+A (Three), a Blackberry on T-Mobile and a Wildfire on O2, both with unlimited data but none have tethered battery that compares to the Nexus and frankly I can't be arsed with having to switch the MiFi or tethering on and off each time I want to check email or a bus time or something.


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