You don't pay for nothing

It is bad enough when adverts are plain silly or misleading, and even when they have bad grammar...

But this is even worse - they appear to be suggesting that using an iPad to watch Sky Go while fishing will cost nothing. "You don't pay for nothing."!

They seem to forget that mobile data has a cost - and whilst some mobile contracts will have "inclusive data allowances" of some sort, ultimately that is what you pay for every month. Some packages will have a straight cost for the usage. Streaming video could cost quite a bit.

Oh, and not forgetting the foot note, that says Sky TV Customers. Lets understand this - people that *do* pay sky money get this, yet "you don't pay for nothing"...


  1. You can't actually argue with this. They are stating 'you don't pay for nothing', so they are saying 'you do pay for something'. Incredibly truthful in my book!

    1. Indeed, I nearly said that in my post, but their meaning seems pretty clear. The final frame of the advert also states "at no extra cost" on the screen.

  2. I dislike the Virgin Media mailshots for similar things "High Speed Internet for only £6.99 for the first three months, then £20 afterwards*" (or similar). With the * saying "* Requires Virgin Media telephone line rental at £25/pm and Virgin Media TV package at £15/pm". So, it's actually £60/pm then: as, since this mail shot had our house number on it, you know that we don't already have Virgin Media.

  3. ASA say that they don't think it is misleading at all!!!
    Well, this is the same bunch that think it is OK to call a copper coax delivered internet service "fibre optic", so I am not surprised.


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