I love it when a plan comes together

One of the big things for me with our new tariff has been the new order page. It is specially for the Home::1 tariff for new customers and I have spent a lot of time on it. It is especially complex as the work has been to create new back end systems and libraries to allow my next big project of "new ordering system".

The order page has a lot of checks that it does, not only on syntax of fields, but also checking on BT systems, validating the line and migration code and postcode.

The expectation is that typically people will use a postcode lookup button, or at the very least only partly complete the order form or having something wrong in some way, and be presented with details of what they still need to complete.

Well, we had an order today, and looking at the logs it was slick, and I mean very slick....

Customer went to order page and filled in the details. There are not many: phone number, migration code, name, address, bank account and pick the tariff. They are all on a single simple form.

He pressed Place order, and was told it was placed. All the checks passed - everything. He was immediately emailed full details, a copy of DD guarantee, login and password for accounts and control pages. He was immediately emailed a £1 invoice. And just over 2 minutes later got a text confirming the order is in with BT and the target date.

Tomorrow he will receive a new router and printed information pack, splitter, and a nice printed plastic card with a copy of login and IP details just in case.

I think we have managed to be quite slick for a change. I hope the customer thinks so too...


  1. The trouble is, you get so used to things happening the A&A way, that when you start to try and help a friend with their internet problems, you are in for a culture shock.
    "What do you mean you have no control page?"
    "What? you can't look back a week and see when things changed?"
    "You have to pay HOW MUCH to talk to tech support?"
    "Why didn't your ISP give you notice of this downtime?"
    "Well I finally got through to Tech Support, but A) we can't understand each other,
    and B) They don't seem to know what they are talking about anyway"
    "I am afraid they haven't heard of IPv6!"

    etc. etc. etc.


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