Talk talk lines

Talk talk do a wholesale access, much like BT do, and we are getting that sorted. Taking a while. We got the cables in place today but expect nothing to be live until some time January (they have a freeze over Christmas). We have various bits of integration to do once we have the connections live.

We don't yet know the quality of service from these, but they say they will be good. Our monitoring will soon show if that is not the case.

Given that we mentioned Talk talk, I am understandably getting lots of questions. Hopefully this answers the main one - pricing!

We have not actually finalised pricing, but Talk talk have been quite cunning in that they are pricing the wholesale access at almost exactly the same as BT do. It is not quite the same, but close enough that we expect, for simplicity, to make the pricing the same as BT lines. This means we should be able to include it as an option for Home::1. However, it is not clear why people on Home::1 would want Talk talk other than simply it is "not BT". The main reason for getting Talk talk lines is to allow bonding lines with BT and Talk talk so we have extra redundancy for business customers. So whilst we can do Talk talk on the Home::1 I am not yet decided if we will. I'll be interested in any comments from customers on that.

I think it is only DSL, not FTTC, but to be honest I am not sure yet. If they offer FTTC on similar terms to BT, we'll take that too. I'm assuming not for now.

We are looking at one other carrier as well, no idea on time scales for that. More when I have it.


  1. Exciting!

    Any idea on what the customer service is like?

  2. TTT's wholesale diagnostics portal is excellent and in some ways far better than BT's KBDs. Can't compare with BE's wholesale diagnostics portal because such diagnostics portal doesn't actually exist. However, actually having to deal with TTT is, err, interesting. However I don't find the lines any more or less 'better' than BE or BTW lines. Unfortunately, we find that telling customers it is a TalkTalk line carries a huge stigma.

  3. By "pricing the same as BT lines" does that mean that the price also various depending on exchange type like BT ?

    i.e. if you are on a BT 20CN exchange that has TalkTalk LLU, does that mean similar to BT 20CN prices or BT 21CN prices ?

    1. That would be handy, I'd save myself ~£16 a month. Mind you, I'd be putting my eggs in one basket. I currently have a cheap as chips TT line as my second line, that I put all my day time downloading through.

  4. How about TT based EFM? I'm fairly certain that they offer that wholesale and that would be very interesting.

  5. If the "one other carrier" turns out to be Virgin I'd be as pleased as Punch, because they have fibre running along the other side of my road. Otherwise I'm stuck on 20CN with no upgrade date on the horizon.

    Fingers crossed! :-)

  6. Hi Adrian

    What the latest ETA wise on this new world of TT LLU and will they be offering Annex M - preferably without the arbiaory System Says No response of BTw because just because on paper my line synced at 9.5/1.1mbit should be only about 3mbit due to its length?



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