Not for salad

I just wanted to clarify any misunderstanding. Following a previous blog post some people are confused about the role of bacon bits in the diet.

They are not for salad, they are for everything. OK?


  1. bacon flavour bits != bacon bits

    bacon flavour bits == evil in a jar

    bacon bits == yum

  2. Also, had never seen 'role' spelled with a circumflex before.

    Apparently, according to the Internet (so it must be true):

    rôle - The part played by an actor (from the French word 'rolle' meaning roll of paper (script))
    role - Function or identifying behaviour

    So, the viewers' role is to watch the artist's rôle, for example.

    Which means that "...confused about the rôle of bacon bits in the diet" should have been "...confused about the role of bacon bits in the diet" if the Internet is correct!



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