Daft idea

Make a server.

Have it accept a "registration" packet which includes a geographic location and a channel number. Until a later "logout", it gets sent a constant stream of live audio (maybe RTP based).

It can, at any time, send to the server an audio stream.

The audio it gets is a mix of all incoming audio on the same channel where the level (amplitude) of the audio included is based on the relative proximity of the geographic location from which the incoming audio streams arrive and the listener.

What have you got?

CB/Ham AM radio simulator over IP!

Anyone want to make an RFC?

Could this be the new twitter? Imagine the phone app, push to talk, always streaming audio, location update as you move...


  1. Be sure to take current weather and ionospheric conditions into account.

  2. Why have channels? Register with a frequency instead and modulate the incoming audio onto that carrier frequency (Perhaps register with a mode too?). Mix all of the carriers (amplitude adjusted for location) and send that.

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  4. Quite similar to the CB radio chat app on android, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.plugmind.cbtest&hl=en_GB

    I do like your idea of a more local version similar to how CB works, but it would have to be done right, maybe shrink the size of the connected area once it consistently gets 10 users, Otherwise you could go for miles without anyone online

    1. Indeed, it may have to be a bit adaptive, and if it was popular it would need something to stop someone spamming it claiming to be from lots of locations with lots of connections somehow. Of course, it would get used to organise riots!

  5. Location updates would have to happen as well

    That CB radio in the van moves!


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