Worst kind of spam?

OK, technically, I am on the Blizzard mailing list, so not spam as such, but an advert.

An advert for something I am already paying for and they know it.

An advert for something that doesn't fucking work yet.

Really Blizzard, why rub salt in to the wound? Why?

P.S. the most obvious problem is the garrison instance. As I understand it that is a single player instance, it is your garrison/fort/town. So why the hell is that not run on the client and not an instance server which clearly cannot cope?!


  1. Is it still not working on your realm?
    I didn't play it the night of the launch and the following day there was a long queue to log in. But apart from once instance issue since it has been working well for me.
    I imagine they wont want to run it locally because then you could get cheats so that all follower missions are won etc... or various other more minor things.

    1. Yeh, and that is not a queuing issue. However, I was able to work around by not logging in initially to a character that was in the garrison. And yes, they are concerned of cheats, but also, I did not know, it is possible to visit a friends garrison!

    2. Odd that you are having issues logging in using a character located in a garrison. Most of the time I log in that is the case and I don't have any issues.


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