Look out for terrorists!

Just heard on the radio that people are being urged to: look out for terrorists - to watch for any extremist activity on public transport.

Arrrrrrg! WHY?!?!?!?

Terrorists are criminals, and one of the worst kinds of criminals, but look at the facts. Ever the worst terrorist attack in memory killed way fewer people in one day than died of malaria that day. The next day the terrorists killed nobody but malaria still killed thousands, and every day after and before that. I am not trying to belittle the tragedy for those that died from either, but trying to put in to context. Even if it you look closer to home, to just deaths from preventable events to people in the west, which is a somewhat racist view, you still need to look at making cars safer or tackling heart disease as priorities that are massively higher that tackling terrorists.

Don't ignore terrorists, but why the hell are they even mentioned. Why are we helping them spread terror and fear for them by having these warnings on the radio?

We would be far better urging the public to watch out for people showing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke than to look out for terrorists and extremist activity. It would save more lives.

The obvious answer is that governments want ways to control people. Even though their job is to work for the people, what they want is to control people. Fear is one way to control people. Fear is a way to get people to accept more and more police state legislation.

Let's be rational and not live in fear and terror shall we?


  1. "Why are we helping them spread terror and fear for them by having these warnings on the radio?"

    So the politicians can save us with legislation like you mentioned in a previous post

  2. It's the oldest trick in the book... and it seems to work.

  3. Other comments are correct.

    You can always sell fear.


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