National Advice Clinic?

Anyone know who these bozos are?

Their staff have no clue.

AKA The Industrial Hearing Clinic, but claiming not to be Industrial Hearing Clinic Ltd!

Why the hell do people work in call centres without a clue who they actually work for. Don't they teach this stuff at school. I guess not. I get the impression that they genuinely have no clue rather than being deliberately evasive, though apparently asking who they are makes me an arse!

020 3519 0692


Update: Result! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-34984695 …


  1. Searching "3519 0692" finds other complaints about them.

    I've heard it suggested that at least some telemarketing outfits flip their staff members between clients based on how many calls are wanted and how much is being paid, just coming up with a different script on the screen.

  2. They are Zahier Hussain Trading t/a National Advice Clinic.

    They are famous, previously trading as Industrial Hearing Clinic and making Panorama:

  3. To add to my last post, Zahier Hussain Trading isn't even a Ltd company.
    The domain name nationaladviceclinic.co.uk is owned by an individual named Musaffar Patel.

    He doesn't appear to be a director of any UK company.

    1. Ok it's been a long day! Zahier Hussain t/a National Advice Clinic.
      Obviously an individual trading as!

      Zahier Hussain is a director of a couple of companies.

    2. I was not going to pick up on that, given that your post was so useful in the first place :-)

    3. It is Zahier Hussains company called The National Advice Clinic?! How astute of you! So, not Mussaffer Patels firm then?! How did you find out!?

  4. Sounds like they need to fix their VoIP system too, their side of the call sounds very poor.

  5. The company is a subsidiary of asons and operate from the same building, two of the brothers run the fraudulent National Advice Clinic that was fined £850000 for nuisance and unethical practices. But the company is owned and run by ASONS solicitors.


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