This is a good thing, yes?

Just got from BT:

"latest update states the job is fluid in taskforce for gully sucking to be work done which will be issue will be issued asap"

I did a google image search for "gully sucking" (and I don't have safe search on) and I was pleased to see that all the images were indeed large vehicles with hoses plugged in to drains and things. With a phrase like that, you never know :-)


  1. That's those two words explained. The sentence still makes no sense!

    1. I'd be pretty miffed if my taskforce had "fluid" that needed gully sucking out of them too ("job is fluid in taskforce").. sounds bloody shocking to me :).

      Incidentally I remember seeing a TV show on dealing with beavers in the USA, where they used a "beaver sucker" to pull the poor little buggers out of their nests.. no kidding. Sadly any attempt to search for this TV show on Google produces a different result from the one I hoped.

      Mark - ISPreview.co.uk

  2. In other words, the issue is their ducts are full of water, and they're going to have to get a gully sucker (a big vacuum tanker) to go and suck it out, and they'll be sending this task out to be done asap. I think.

  3. It almost looks as though it's been machine-translated from some dialect of Indian.


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