Call for Apple to "do the right thing"

The EU are joining the madness now [here] asking "region's leaders to force technology companies into sharing encryption keys with national authorities". So not quite saying "ban encryption", but still missing the point.

We are doing all of this to protect our freedoms.

If we have to give up those freedoms, our right to privacy, in the name of terrorism then the terrorists have won. Draw the line here.

A system that is secure by design will not allow anyone else to read messages.

Not the government, nor criminals. But change that, and make a back door, whether keeping copies of messages or handing over keys or whatever, and you create a system that is not secure and is a target for criminals and terrorists to collect personal information and exploit it.

Asking technology companies to hand over keys makes no sense.
  • There are companies in countries that respect privacy. They have no reason to comply. (see below re Apple).
  • There are systems designed such that the "technology company" does not have the keys to hand over, so could not comply. You would have to ban their systems.
  • There are open source messaging systems where there is no "technology company".
  • There are ways to send messages without "technology" even [video]
  • Criminals and terrorists have no reason to use any of the systems where keys have been handed over, even if illegal to, as it means just breaking one more law - but non terrorists will have to comply with such laws - we lose, terrorists win!

So, where does Apple come in here?

iMessage is secure. Apple don't have the keys. They could change iMessage so that it is not secure. That would be a massive backwards step for them and lose them reputation. Obviously anyone concerned over privacy (including terrorists) could use secure open source messaging apps on an android, so Apple doing this would lose them business worldwide.

But if Apple say no? Will the UK government really ban iPhones in the UK, and take them off visitors at customs? Would they go that far? And if they did - would they ever win an election again? I really think Apple is big enough to stand their ground and JUST SAY NO!


  1. Now I'm feeling conflicted.

    On the one hand, this snooping stuff is unacceptable.

    On the other hand, I really don't like iProducts.

    Kind of hope Apple refuse and iPhones are banned ;)

  2. I wholeheartedly agree, and we're not the only ones. Someone has already started an ePetition:http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/73752

  3. It looks like the backdoor might be there already and Apple will just need to hand over the keys. I guess we'll know if this passes and iPhones aren't banned or changed, as that would tell us the backdoor is already there...



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