IPv6 Expert?

OK but this is silly.

I am now doing talks on IPv6 ...

Jan: UKNOF talk (was today)
Feb: talk to Reading Uni
Feb: talk to LINX
Mar: talk to UKUUG
Mar: talk at Tref's (end of IPv4) event
May: talk at BT

Plus interviews on the day IANA allocate the last block but not allowed to say what day that will be :-)

Anyone else want me to do talks - I am asking for expenses now - just so you know. And that is 1st class train not standard as I have to work on the way and want power and coffee, and premium inn (or better) not travelodge (well, obviously!).

I need to find a diary app for this blog :-)


  1. Hey you wanted to present!! I should be charging you agent fees ;)

    Ok, I want Tea, someone to wind my sons Thomas train and a zorro mask..

  2. Not allowed to say what day that will be?

    So.. you know what day it is then?

  3. Well, they did not tell me it was confidential until a later email. Fortunately I found the delete button on twitter.

  4. Can I have your autograph please ( on a blank Cheque ) lol x


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