Tricky parenting questions...

OK, so my 15 year old daughter just asked me a tricky question...

None of those easy parenting questions like "where to babies come from, Daddy?"*, it was "how can the Internet run out, Daddy?"

Fortunately I have spent all morning making slides to explain all of this to Reading University, and given that it is pitched at the level of university students, I gave her the talk.

I think she got the gist of it quite well :-)

[*OK I know, bad example for a 15 year old]


  1. Given that a lot of 15 year olds can't tell the difference between 'the internet' and 'facebook' you have a very smart daughter.

  2. I'm amazed she got as far as run out :) I was expecting a how can facebook not work shortly :(

  3. @Tony - I agree :P

    Admittedly when I was 15 I knew vaguely that IPv4 wasn't going to last forever....

  4. You should also be grateful she never asked you if you can run out of money lol xx