Open letter to Three

Well, lets see what they say...

[and now we spot the typo! too late]


  1. s/There/Three

    Good luck with them.


  2. 'Open letter *the* Three'?

  3. Trading standards called to debate the SoGA with me. I did managed to quite the relevant sections. The main thing is that whilst they could consider repair as a valid alternative to replacement on the basis of their costs, they can't if that is significant inconvenience given the nature of the product. A teenage girl without facebook for a couple of weeks counts as far as I am concerned. So they could offer repair if lending a phone for the duration, or some such, but did not. So I believe I was right to insist on replacement.

  4. The sticky note over your address isn't quite sufficient to hide it, btw. By tilting my screen so that LCD directional effects come into play, I can almost make it out. I can see BRACKNELL quite clearly, although my eye is informed by its appearance in the letter.


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