Apparently *we* are BT Retail, that explains it!

That same fault where they suggest we get a BT Home Hub 3, we contact them about the fault not actually being fixed and the stupid notes...

The notes they then put on the fault about Dan calling them :-

"Dan from CP BT Retail contacted regarding want to rasie [sic] an escalation."

So, we are BT Retail are we, that explains why we should have BT Home Hubs.


Some details for the interested...

We generally like FTTC, not only because it is fast, but because the service is an Ethernet level handover. One of the classic issues with any fault is that "line" related issues (errors, low sync, drop outs) could be the modem or the wiring or the line or the DSLAM, and only some of that is BT's responsibility on ADSL services.

With FTTC the line, and the modem, are BT's responsibility, and they are even a BT install so the wiring from BT telephone NTE to BT VDSL modem is BT's as well.

This particular customer has a line forecast to get around 60Mb/s sync. He has a 40Mb/s capped service (standard FTTC) and does sometimes get the full rate (which works out just over 39Mb/s IP rate). However, he loses sync a lot and syncs at lower speeds at lot.

When the engineer went out the sync was 16Mb/s, having been 8Mb/s over night - clearly a fault for a line that should get 40Mb/s and be capable of 60Mb/s.

Yet the engineer reports "Customers Equipment, Error or Misoperation;End User own equipment" and tries to blame the PPPoE router not being a BT Home Hub 3. The line syncs even when no PPPoE router present at all, and the PPPoE router cannot affect that in any way.

Naturally our escalations team is on the case our end!


  1. Good news - you can talk about the Olympics then (as a sponsor)

    Bad news - is that not grounds for a defamation case (with you as the claimant)?

  2. The phrases "right when tested" or "no fault found" are enough to make grown men cry in our office

    1. I could not agree more - we have had cases where BT engineers have tested sync on a DSL line, put in the notes that the sync is X, where the fault report is "sync is only X", and then follow with "right when tested" - when clearly they mean "wrong when tested"...

  3. If you're BT Retail then I'm sure a million BT retail customers are going to love the improved service :p

  4. Just to let you know Adrian, we've been on to BTOpenreach since earlier this morning after your first blog. We've been told that the matter is being investigated and hope to have a response from them later.

    ISPreview.co.uk has heard of situations like this before but as usually you're one of the few willing to go public :).

    1. Appreciated, as ever. If these things are not exposed, then they just let them continue. It is embarrassing for us and them when this happens.

      The bigger issue for me is not the sillies, it is the fact that they have not actually fixed the line when it is entirely within their scope. That costs time and money for us and our customer. If this was just the silly comments on its own I might not have posted.


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