FTTC/Etherway working

Well, the good news is that the teething problems have been sorted and the service is finally working. There are many lessons to learn as to why this took so long to resolve, and we are waiting for details of the underlying cause from BT.

Obviously we provided details of the fault, packet dumps, and our views on what seems to be the underlying cause to BT. I hope this was helpful to them in resolving the issues.

However, it makes for a very interesting service.

I am pleased to say that we have managed to set up fall back routing for this customer. We are testing the link state on each of our connected routers, and allowing fall back to conventional broadband if the link drops. We can even set up 3G fall back as a third tier for this now.

This provides a high availability fixed price Internet access service to a small ISP in Basingstoke, and we now have a happy customer.

As I understand it, the roll out for this is to have all the exchanges that do FTTC and have Ethernet access nodes covered by the end of the year (around 500 exchanges).


  1. Indeed - it's all working swimmingly now. Many thanks to RevK and the others at AAISP and BT who worked to resolve the problem.

    1. I don't like having to get cross with BT on this sort of thing as it is almost always not the individuals fault, yet it is only the individuals you can talk to. Hence I have to send very stropy emails, and put people on the spot, which is uncomfortable (and makes enemies). My annoyance is almost always at the BT plc "machine", not the people.

      I really hope that the people involved understand this and have to power to fix the "machine" rather than get cross with me. We'll see.

      At the end of the day we were dealing with some technically competent and helpful people at BT on this issue.

  2. Excellent, that's really good news.

    I do wonder, however, what the fault-diagnosis/fixing processes would have been if gr0mit had decided to use any ISP other than A&A!


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