iPad on PI

SIMDBy the wonders of modern technology my iPad is now "on my LAN" when I am out and about. I simply have one of my Data-SIMs set to relay to the FireBrick at the house which routes on to the LAN. Works a treat.

Although the iPad is not IPv6 when on the mobile network (watch this space on that one) the L2TP relay to my house is IPv6 - which is a slightly backwards world.

P.S. I cannot give it the same IP on WiFi and Data-SIM. Well, technically I can, but as the Data-SIM is a /32 route it means all traffic to it would go via mobile even when using the WiFi, which would not be good.


  1. No policy routing magic to have your Firebrick prefer to route to the iPad over WiFi if it's there, and via the SIM if it's not?

    Would probably involve WPA-Enterprise, and RADIUS-assigned IPs, mind...

    1. The "if it is there" is, of course, tricky as it would have to ARP for it or ping or some such. It is one of those things I probably could engineer - FireBricks are *very* flexible like that, and can have routing based on things like pings. But I am not sure it is worth the messing about.

    2. I was thinking that you'd use WPA-Enterprise, and thus have the AP tell you if the device was there or not.


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