Total BT con? 7 to 13 hour fix time?

So, BT offer 7 hour fix time on FTTC Etherways.

But the compensation is 15% of month's rental per hour, or part, after that, limited to 100% of a month's rental. That means after 13 hours and a second they have used up the 100% month's rental.

So fix in 7 hours, or if they take more than 13 hours they have an incentive *not* to fix the fault. I.e. they are charging rental for the service but you cannot report a second concurrent fault. So actually, after 13 hours, they are better off not fixing the fault.

What kind of messed up compensation scheme is that. Needs fixing BT. Now!

At the very very least one should not have to pay the rental while it is not fixed. After all, we have a fault on over 4 days fix now - we are paying BT for a broken service now, not even breaking even. Madness.

Of course, for engineer visits next working day, this works well for them, as almost any engineer visit puts them over the 13 hours, so they can work on "working days" and exclude bank holidays and so on, as much as they like. "24/7 including bank holidays" is meaningless when 13 hours is the maximum you have to care about. What a total and utter con, thanks BT...


  1. So how much do you charge for this new service?

    1. Depends on location, etc. We did a typical quote for 2M-10Mb/s bustable at £190/month (+VAT) but depends where you are and what speed you want.

  2. Compared to other BT services like LES10 that's pretty good value if it works. But VPN over regular FTTC would be alot cheaper if the latency isn't an issue.

  3. I may well be missing something (again), but surely if they're not providing the service, then the contract can't possibly apply - no consideration = no contract.

    1. Contract defines what happens when service is not working, so yes, I think.


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