Now apple can't count?

OK, having found that the "buy today in your favourite apple store" was a lie, and having now found that actually, if you want more than the base model you have to order the new Macbook Pro on-line anyway, I ordered one, on the 1st.

I want it by the end of the month, and they said "Dispatched 3-4 weeks", so I figure I am OK then...

But somehow 3-4 weeks from 1st July equates to "31 Jul, 2012 - 06 Aug, 2012"


I make one week the 8th, two the 15th, three the 22nd, and four the 29th. So 3-4 weeks would be 22nd to 29th, not the 31st to 6th. That would be at least 4-5 weeks.

Why the hell can't any damn retailer actually do what they say?

As it is I am chasing a birthday present needed for this weekend, from simplyelectronics.co.uk, which still says 2-4 working days on the site, ordered on Monday, and now say 3-8 working when asked, and turn out not to be UK at all. Arrrrrg!


  1. surely dispatched in 3-4 weeks means they will of finished the custom build and of posted it by those dates and then on top of that you have the time in transit which would potentially depending on the service they use equate to the 31 july - 06 august.

    1. Hmmm, maybe... But to be honest, what is the point of saying "dispatched" if that does not mean "arrives the day after". If it can take a week in transit it does not really matter in the slightest to be when it will be dispatched - what matters is when I will get it!

  2. Perhaps that is what you should be moaning about, that they display their dispatch date rather than the expected delivery date...

    1. For items that I need quickly, I've stopped asking my salesperson when they can ship or shipping time -- I just ask them when it will arrive at my place of business. I let them figure out the picking, packaging, and days in transit.

  3. Ah yes, the Apple dispatch date.
    Last few things I bought dispatched on time and then went from China to Netherlands to Birmingham, quick tour of the north, back down past Crewe then onto Southampton, then me (I wasn't in) back to Southampton and a 2hour drive for me to pick it up.

    I wanted a new MBP-Retina and saw the 3-4 weeks dispatch then promptly drove down to PCWorld and bought one off the shelf.
    Ok, I was lucky I didn't want to change the base config.

  4. simplyelectronics.net/co.uk are liars.

    I ordered something from them last August and it took 3 weeks to deliver something that was in-stock and 3-5 days delivery. In April this year I stupidly ordered something from them which stated the same lead time (and they had 12 in stock). A week later and I was chasing the order to be told they had "run out" of stock?

    I told them to cancel the order and refund me. Their site clearly states incorrect information. I'm fairly certain they just drop ship their goods and so are just an admin front. In the end I had to get my bank to credit me as after 3 weeks of emails they were still "processing" my refund. After all the fuss, the bank credited me and then a few days later simplyelectronics finally refunded me.

    4 weeks from cancelling and requesting a refund to actually receiving the refund? A good con for holding onto people's money. Modern thieves in my eyes.


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