RIPE NCC winding me up (again)

So, I have an block of PI, and so there is an inetnum record.
I am one of the maintainers (mnt-by) and so I can change details.

One of the details I can change, of course, is the "descr" record. It is described in the database definition as "A short decription related to the object." [sic]

Now, RIPE objected when I made a change (changing Adrian Kennard to Rev Kennard) and said I was not allowed to change this.

Well, these days, PI space is provided under a contract so I asked where in the contract it was that I should not change it. The referred me to a RIPE policy stating "Registration data (range, contact information, status etc.) must be correct at all times (i.e. they have to be maintained).".

To me, that is a requirement that I do change things where needed to ensure they remain "correct", and not, as RIPE NCC said, a prohibition on my making changes!

Indeed, whilst on an "application" for IP space, with a template inetnum, you are required to set "descr" to the name of the IP space owner, I cannot see anything saying that it is, as per the database definition, incorrect to update the record with any correct "short decription related to the object.". RIPE NCC have not answered this point at all. I may be wrong, of course, in which case they just have to reference the contract and policy in their reply.

Anyway, having agreed that we could change the PI space to my new company "Thrall Horde", and having sent all the paperwork they wanted, I changed the inetnum accordingly.

They have complained again about my making the change, even though the change is to ensure the record is "correct" and maintained as per RIPE policy.

Now they have locked the record preventing me from following the very RIPE policy they referred me to requiring that I maintain the record.


Update: They have stopped me maintaining routes and domain objects too - now that is taking the piss.

Update: Spotted that my inet6num was not locked, but they had changed back to something not quite my name. What are they up to.

Update: Sorted - records unlocked and updated - so just now awaiting an explanation of what PI space contract terms and/or RIPE policy allowed them to lock the inetnum record, and supposedly prohibits my changing it in future. That will be fun.


  1. That's stupid - we've had no problems changing our RIPE records (although ours is EARLY-REGISTRATION, so we don't have a contract...) Surely the whole point is that you set it correctly so that they don't have to. I'm surprised that if you e-mail the update to the auto-dbm address that they even see the change!

  2. If they are not allowing you to make good your legal requirement part of the contract surly they are now in breach themselves?

  3. seems to me you have to use the broken record technique ...

    You [RIPE] require me to maintain the records so that they are always correct
    they are NOW (as) correct (as they were before)

    repeat as many times as it is necessary

    if your name was John Archibald Smith
    each and every of the following would be EQUALLY correct ... Wouldnt it ?
    (syntax requirements not withstanding)

    John Smith
    J Smith
    John A Smith
    JA Smith
    J.A. Smith
    J. A. Smith
    J A Smith
    J Archibald Smith
    John Archibald Smith

    and if our Mr Smith is infact a Dr

    you could pepper Dr in that list too

    Revk, you are INDEED the Reverend Kennard, you even have a piece of paper to prove it

    so how is Rev Kennard incorrect???

    or indeed

    Reverend A Kennard
    Rev A Kennard
    or even RevK ..... as this is the exact name you're known by, by a large community !

    if Prince (of purple rain fame) was the owner of the PI
    and to keep the records correct please ask RIPE how they might have *the artist formerly known as Prince* update the records so that they were correct at that time when he was thus officially known? LEAVE A BLANK SPACE?

    all too funny


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