Yes, well, new laptop is very shiny. And the question was what to engrave on it.

I have gone for an Astec calendar. From what googling I have done, it is not the same as the Mayan calendar, so not quite a 2012 thing. It is, however, a very intricate image.

On the lid, obviously, I have to make space for the apple logo, so I have put the face from the centre of the original on the back instead.

Overall, pretty distinctive. If anyone wants a MacBook Pro engraved, we would charge around £25+VAT for this type of job. It is a one off, like a tattoo, but thankfully you can always get a new laptop if you change your mind in the future.


  1. OK, owning up, the apple leaf touches the artwork because the apple logo is set for a 2mm clearance using "join" and "cap" logic on svg/postscript set to "butt" not "round". The issue is inkscape showed as mitre/square unless you zoomed in so I did not realise. Next time join and cap will be set to "round" and all will be well.

  2. Oh Shiny indeed, Now I just need to find a decent dragon image that would engrave nicely... Any ideas on that one?

    1. Finding the artwork is the most difficult bit.

    2. Try the image site for a good vector one, not free but good quality.
      For example http://www.bigstockphoto.com/search/dragon/?q[ill]=only
      Roughly 37 pages at 100-150/page of vector dragon graph, price are <£10.

    3. Sadly the ones I liked were tattoo sketches which I don't think were vector based :-(


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