Is this IPv6 NAT? Someone shoot me!

Setting up a new Apple Airport Express as last one died. What do I see?
WTF is "IPv6 Connection Sharing" and why would you ever ever ever need it?

Update: Several comments suggest this is merely prefix delegation - I do hope so.


  1. I'm pretty sure this is Apple's way of asking "Act as an IPv6 router and send router advertisements?". It's what you enable if you've configured a 6in4 tunnel endpoint on the Airport.

  2. http://support.apple.com/kb/PH5098

    "If you chose Native from the IPv6 Mode pop-up menu, you can deselect “Enable IPv6 connection sharing” to not share the IPv6 Internet connection with devices on your network."

  3. AIUI from a Google search, IPv6 Connection Sharing determines whether (when acting as a router, rather than a plain access point) the router gets just a /128 for itself, or whether it attempts to use DHCP-PD to get a /64 for its "LAN" side interfaces.

  4. Presumably some providers are tight when it comes to v6 address allocation.

  5. Sounds like unticking it just stops it acting as a v6 router


  6. NATs on IPv6 on iProduct.... That's good, NATs are good, I want NATs on IPv6 on my iPhone:


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