So, I see from an old Daily Mail article that "The Association of British Insurers yesterday warned of the dangers of posting too much information after it was revealed 40 per cent of social networking site users reveal their holiday plans online – while one in three include details of weekend breaks."

Seriously - the whole idea of social media sites is that you tell your friends every detail of your life.

Well tough! - I am on holiday soon, sorry I told the world. But we should live in a world with rules that allow some freedoms. One is that you don't steal. One is that you can say what you like, even if it is a threat to blow an airport sky high (well done on that ruling).

It is already depressing enough that I pay for insurance and an alarm system that would rival many offices, and an off-site recording video surveillance system and good locks including some internal rooms. We even have nagios on the case checking stuff in my house and texting me and others. None of this should be on me, the potential victim of a crime, and really I should not have to curb my public enthusiasm for going on holiday. Criminals should be forced to work to contribute to a fund to re-reimburse those that pay for insurance. In a truly civilised society I would not have to pay for any of this.

I hope to have a fun holiday - I will be connected as you expect, and in fact Greece will be too hot to leave the villa for the likes of myself. The new laptop means I can play WoW 24/7 if I like, in air conditioned rooms. That is a holiday, but so will writing an iPad app, which is a possible project. It is totally distracting with no deadline and is fun. The rest will sun bathe and sit on the beach as is their way. I'll be on irc, but unpredictably. I guess, as ever, I am on-call for "shit hits fan" scenarios, but even the Oylmpics should mess that up :-)

I am hoping for a new toy to take, which is a new camera, having not had a new one for 5 years. We'll see. Canon are a pain. I'll post pictures if I manage to get one.

So have a fun Oylmpics (as the tattoo says) - I will...

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  1. Indeed, all true. Have a good one Rev.

    ATB Simon
    Posted from my Canal Boat whilst on holiday!

    I am back tomorrow so burgle me at your own risk!


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