BT refusing to work on a fault 24/7?

So, an Ethernet fault reported on Friday and still not fixed. Hmmm.

Basically, their latest plan is to :-

(a) wait until 00:00 to do some "tests", which will take until 02:00
(b) wait until 09:30 to have a "call" about the tests

That means STOPPING WORK for 6 hours now, working for 2, then STOPPING WORK for 7.5 hours before doing some more work.

That does not sound like they are working on this fault 24/7 to me...

I wonder what they will say in answer to my question "are you refusing to work on this fault 24/7?". Hmm...

I supposed at least if they are refusing to do what the contract says then they can kiss goodbye to the normal very limited compensation that is in the contract and pay something more realistic. After all, this would be breach of contract if they are. Well, that's the way I read it anyway.

Update: After lots of emailing, blogging, facebooking, google+ing, and tweeting, they are finally going to do tests now rather than waiting 5 more hours. Lets see how it goes.


  1. Maybe 0:00 is conveniently when the next shift starts so that the current one doesn't have to deal with it, and 9:30 is when the "customer interfacing" people start work. :D

  2. Hmm, an evasive answer, so I have asked again, and added an "or are you refusing to answer me?" as well.

  3. Did they give a justification on why suddenly they can do the tests now rather than in 5 hours?

  4. As it is I am off to the cinema, but I have made sure they have end user details and details of how to confirm if they have fixed the fault or not. Unlike BT we don't work 24/7 - this is in my own time sorting this. I suspect Shaun or Stuart from my office will check in as well.

  5. Well, we may be making progress, though we are still expecting it to be morning now. At least they are talking to us, at last. I'll post more when we get some resolution on this.


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