Saturday, 16 December 2017

New year, new pipes (not made of wet string, honest)

The team at A&A have been very busy, and we have new pipes coming on line early January.

The new BT links allow us a lot more capacity, and this means I am happier doing the terabyte package on BT circuits now. This should be live on the order form before Christmas if testing goes to plan, otherwise it will be early January.

However, we have already set up quota balancing on lines on the same site to now work across quota bands. The idea is that terabyte levels are just another quota, and available on BT and TT back-haul.

We also have a completely new back-haul platform within Talk Talk and will be moving customers over early January as well. This will address the evening congestion some customers have seen on TT lines.

The exact dates depend on testing, but we have some lines live on both new systems already to see how it goes over Christmas.

Next year, we are looking at changes to Office::1 as well.

Right now we have a change freeze in effect until the new year, so I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our customers, and my blog readers, and everyone.


  1. Merry Christmas to you too! Have a great one!

  2. Hi Adrian, any plans to do anything new with FTTP, we're fortunate to be in an area which is about to go live with FTTP (FTTC didn't make it to our cabinet), would like to use AAISP if possible - but would like the >80 Mbps service, any news / thoughts?



    1. Ironically, last I checked, pricing wise, 2x80M FTTP is better than one of the 330M. But before we start doing much higher speeds we are keen to get our 10G+ LNSs. We are starting work on those now, so I am hopeful some time in 2018.

    2. That's good to hear - I'll keep an eye out.


    3. I've had FTTP with A&A for 2 years and spend £50/month for 300GB at 80/20. I spotted this recently:

      For the same £50 I can get unlimited quota at 150/30. Since Zen is considered a competent ISP I'm tempted by that. I'm wondering with your plans for faster LNSs and new pipes, do you think you'll be able to close the gap a bit on your FTTP offerings in the new year?

    4. The second link was meant to be this

    5. I'd be careful Chris, I left Zen about two months ago because of what appeared to be a bit of congestion on Zen's back-haul and Zen didn't fix my broadband line issue (which is why I moved to AAISP who sorted things out). Unlimited quotas aren't always best, I feel it's better to know there's a limit as nothing is really infinite.


      Merry Christmas to you and the AAISP team too.