Pondering the new year

My new year's resolution is the same as last years, 5120 x 2880, that is the easy bit... Though, as my son points out, possibly more colours. I'll have to compare the exact spec on the iMac Pro.

I already posted quite a bit on what A&A are doing, quite soon, with new links to BT and new TT back haul, tariff tweaks, and so on. All good news for A&A customers.

We also have a lot of new FireBrick FB2900s on a shelf waiting for metalwork, so watch this space on that one. They are nice and will get nicer with s/w upgrades coming this year. Actually, FireBrick is one big thing in 2018 as we are also starting on the new 10G+ FB9000, but that will take some time.

So, enough technology, what else is happening?

I'm getting older. Sounds like some (more) of the kids may be moving to Wales. I understand why, the cost of living is way lower than around here, but it is a shame that we won't see them as often.

My son, James has his new car, and is loving it. It will take him a long time to pay that off.

My gradual slip in to retirement is not entirely working - I keep finding myself invaluable, but that is happening less and less, so I would hope to have yet more time for fun projects next year. In 2017 I did a whole alarm system project, for example. I expect there will be fun things to do in 2018 as well.

Considering the whole idea of retirement - I have to wonder what it means. I cannot see me ever not being involved in day to day working of A&A, but I am trying to make some of the minor annoyances something I can delegate more and more. But what would I do - there is only so much Netflix one can watch, so I get bored and do things (like redesign a whole alarm system for the fun of it). Hopefully some of these things also make money.

Of course, whatever I do, I must ensure the company maintains the values that have made it what it is, but it will actually allow me more time pursuing some of the political aspects (like speaking to parliament) which are increasingly important. Sadly "we live in interesting times". Lots of legal changes in 2018 already known, and even more if/when Brexit happens.

I can also be impatient. Right now we have a three day weekend, but it is delaying me getting some new tools and parts to mess with an alarm system. I have a blog post and exciting video (!) on bootlace crimp ferrules all of which I can do nothing with for a few days. Of course now I am pondering if that should have ended "with all of which I can do nothing for a few days". It is obviously something about my character, if "the thing" I happen to be working on right now is "stalled", by a weekend or some such, that really starts to wind me up, no matter how trivial it is. I literally lose sleep imagining the next step in whatever I am doing, and when that is three days, it is rather annoying. Most people like bank holidays and weekends, but they can be a real "wind up" for me, honest.

Anyway, a new year, and things move forward.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 2018...


  1. I’ll be happy to test a FB2900 minus its metalwork if you need it ��

  2. I wish to take credit for being the first (just) person to recommend to you bootlace ferrules. They're good, aren't they!

  3. I find Public Holidays irritating too. I like the fact they take the pressure off for an extra 24 hours but in reality they are just a huge time-waste for my bank balance and for the UK economy and are pretty archaic.


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