Today's recipe: Crisps from Makro

No recipe today, my wife is madly baking Christmas cakes all day, and I cannot get near the kitchen.

What I have is a stock of various crisps we got from Makro.

Makro and Costco are odd places, and we have both in Reading, so quite close to us. Usually worth going to both.

They each have very different things. Costco have loads of stuff, but lack some basic things like a good selections of crisps or alcohol. They have some, but nothing like what Makro have. Makro also seem to have way more of the catering style supplies, like if you actually want to ever buy Schwartz Bacon Flavour Bits, or 1.5l bottles of Southern Comfort, they are in Makro.

On the other hand, if you want a stupidly big Nerf gun, or any sort of decent TV, go to Costco. Just oddly different places.

Note, there are Marmite crisps in there. In fact that selection includes Marmite crisps, Frazzles, Wheat Crunchies, Worcester[not shire] sauce french fries, and Salt'n'vinegar chipsticks. That will keep me going for a while, I am sure.

As for 1.5l bottles of Southern Comfort, I have found a design flaw in my shelving which means it does not quite fit on the shelf, and will not even fit on an optic. Oh well.


  1. Keep your last 1L bottle and refil from the 1.5L bottle then your only problem is what to do with the 0.5L left over, a problem which is almost exactly solved by a pint glass.

  2. Tell your wife she's a week late. Stir-up Sunday was the previous one!

    We had to eat up a two year old Christmas pudding a couple of weeks ago in order to free up a pudding basin for me to make the puddings for next year. Delicious!

  3. I find Costco is more "consumer orientated" than Makro. I do have a card for both, we used to live in Bristol so both were nearby, but we're in Ipswich now so it's a long drive to Thurrock for Costco. We still go every couple of months, it can be cheap for certain things.

    Makro is much more about catering/business supplies, and the coke/pepsi isn't as cheap as Costco, but it is good for some things.

    The Costco pizza alone is worth the trip.


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