The new levelling up

I have played games.

I have played computer games when they started to be a thing even. I played games on a TRS-80 that I jumbied to the back of my bicycle along with a b/w TV to cycle to school when in the 6th form. Fuck, that makes me old.

The new game is that of social media and social status that comes from it.

There has to be a Black Mirror episode for this, and I think one or two of them do get very close.

Today, I am Mr "ADSL over wet string", and that is crazy as it was not even me. One of my enterprising staff did the test and took the photos. But seriously, when you get a decorator in to repaint the ceiling after a water leak and the first thing he says is a comment about broadband over wet string - you have gone viral?!

So where am I?

Well, twitter is like 2.5k followers, and blog is several hundred thousand hits a month (one month over a million, yay!).

But seriously, I am no @stephenfry am I! He has 13 million followers. How awesome would that be?

So it seems things are like many games. There are levels and you level up over time. This is a lot like many things in life, even money.

So what can this level get me?

That is the trick - how far in to the game are you and what does it do for you?

Well, I can say I am starting to be in the "taken seriously" level, which is good.

When my daughter was turned down to work at Tesco as she was pregnant - that got Tesco to act very quickly. She worked there for some time, and it worked well.

There have been many other tweets that have been taken seriously. This is good.

Wet String!

Well, that has been fun. I have had hundreds of thousands of hits, and it is really strange to google for ADSL over wet string as something like the first ten pages are all articles about us and the news outlets covering it!

Everyone we know is mentioning it! My next door neighbour, the decorator, even a call to someone in BT over BGP config on a new link ended with "impressed you guys did the ADSL over wet string". It is almost getting to "celebrity annoying".

But this is not making me a lot more followers on either blog or twitter, so will (one would hope) be a bit short lived. It does wonders for brand awareness though.

Next level

But I do wonder the next level on social media. What happens when I have 10,000 or 100,000 followers on twitter? It that a thing I have to ever worry about?

Some of these things change you - change what you feel happy saying!

Here's looking to the next level up!

P.S. What level is it when your bank say they are fans of your blog!


  1. >There has to be a Black Mirror episode for this, and I think one or two of them do get very close.

    S03E01 "Nose Dive" is probably the one you're thinking of.

    1. Yes that is the one. Black mirror is scarcely accurate in some episodes.

  2. You know, the thing that interests me is that as a company owner, you allowed your staff to do this experiment - I've had many bosses that would have put me through a disciplinary if they had caught me "wasting time" in this manner - and in fact, it has probably been really good for AA, it's certainly been a lot of free advertising.

    Keep doing what you are doing, and if you ever open an office in Suffolk, can I have a job please?


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