More fun with SVG

I am working on some of our back end systems that create artwork.

They currently create it using postscript, which I really like as a language, and have used for years (decades) but it lacks any unicode support sadly.

This means some names that don't use latin1 alphabet don't work.

The fix, change back end to use SVG, and convert to postscript for printing using inkscape command line...

To my surprise it is working well, so I am playing with the router cards...

First up, the old system, if you add emojis to the SSID...

As you see, postscript does not do well.

So making in SVG...

Very nice, but we do have to actually print on a card, so what does inkscape do when we use it to make postscript and then image for the card printer?

Well, I have to say that is pretty good!

Needs work for all of the other fields on the card which I have blanked out in these examples, but at the end of the day, this is the way to handle unusual characters.

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