Today's recipe: Chicken Korma Pot Noodle

Not actually a recipe, more of a review...

So, starts off looking like about the right colour for a Chicken Korma...

Now, I will mash it down a bit anyway...

Add water to the line...

Stir, and leave for a couple of minutes...

So that is the instructions properly followed, and no chilli flakes or marmite in sight.

The end result? Well, it tastes a bit chicken korma. It is a bit runny, so filling right to the line was probably not ideal. To be honest, a bit bland - I mean, I know a korma is often really mild as curries go but this has no spice to it at all. It is OK, but probably would not bother having again.

In fact, I did not finish it. Maybe it just lacks marmite.


  1. That's the depressing thing about korma. You work for hours (really, it's a fairly ridiculous amount of work if you're making it from scratch) and what comes out tastes, frankly, too sweet and not spicy enough.

  2. Pot Noodles have always been a "noodle soup" really, you'll always end up with half a pot of liquid. The Chicken Curry flavour is a little spicier, Bombay Bad boy is decently hot, enough to make me sweat a bit.

  3. Please *don't* start AAdining nor AAprivateRestaurant. Thanks.

  4. If you fill up to the line often its too watery, as you discovered, and pot noodles that are watery lose a lot of their niceness. They are great when just right, but its too easy to overdo the water.