So long, and thanks for all the fish

Well, that looks like that.

At midnight on the morning of 1st Feb 2011 IANA announced two more /8's allocated to APNIC (39/8 and 106/8) leaving the final five /8s, one for each of the RIRs.

The policy is that these final five /8s are allocated to the five RIRs immediately, and we expect this to be formally announced 14:30 Thursday.

So, no more allocations from IANA after that!

(Well, technically, there is a pool for returned allocations, but that is going to be a tad rare)



  1. So, how much will these be going for on the black market? :-)

  2. Shamelessly stolen IPv4 joke: "I'll have a strong CIDR please, I'm exhausted"


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