3 simple questions?

1. Do you connect me to "the Internet"?
2. Is "the Internet" only IP version 4?
3. What is my IPv6 address


  1. Heart Internet and 123-reg are no-go's for domains, their nameserver control panels do not support AAAA and neither could give me an answer as to when it would.

  2. Portfast are really good, and told me their registrars support IPv6 addresses on NS records but the API doesn't let them set them.... yet.

    +1 for Portfast and honesty

  3. names.co.uk support AAAA and have for ... errr... years... :)

  4. dyndns.org ... name servers ipv6 all the way
    also for years!

    we is ready!

  5. Just ditched opensrs given their continued inability to allow the setting of v6 glue (apparently they'll do it if you beg support hard enough, but TBH that's a bit crap).

    Picked domaindicount24 who work fine and let me set glue straight away.

    I've also moved my secondaries (were with xname who were down more than they were up, and sometimes took several hours to update) to zerigo - after checking they had proper v6 support too.

    OTOH rather than let this become a comparison of hosting.. I read the questions as something you'd ask your ISP - and 99% of ISPs in the UK couldn't answer any of them.


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