We need some useful website that is IPv6 only

Not sure what to put on it - I could do a load of training material or something.

Needs to be a web site that is set up as IPv6 only though.

Main objective is so that people with IPv4 only links can say to support "I can't get to www.???.co.uk"

After much investigation the support may spot it is IPv6 only and say that is why. But the user then goes on to explain "it's a web site, it is on the Internet, I can get it from home. Is what I buy from you not the *whole* Internet then?"

Ideally some page that is itself not IPv6 centric.
Maybe a signup for some service that is useful.

I'll have to ponder what we can do for that.


  1. And then make sure to blog about the fact that the service is ipv6 only so that users can catch on with a quick google if the tech support is unable to work it out...

  2. Some kind of voip service, like fax.me.uk?

  3. www.superhotporn.co.uk

  4. Resurrect ipv6experiment?

    OTOH thinking about it, putting something that's freely available on ipv4 on an ipv6 only website is not going to work. You need to have something on ipv6 that can't be got on ipv4 to start with.

    Generally if a user says to support ""I can't get to www.???.co.uk" the response will be "Neither can we. It must be broken. Not our problem." (in some cases a link to downforeveryoneorjustme.com confirming this).

    So it needs to be something (a) not widely available, but that someone would want, (b) *obviously* ipv6.

  5. Maybe have a simple little Flash game, e.g. Space Invaders or Tetris?

  6. Why the hello is downforeveryoneorjustme.com not checking ipv6?

  7. Perhaps I'll repeatedly 'break' ipv4 access to the raid signups on my world of warcraft guild website. And then each time post a message saying that it shouldn't have affected anyone as ipv6 access still worked, unless of course their ISP only let them access the "old" internet.

  8. I like John Kirk's idea about a Flash (though I'd prefer HTML5). The sort of comments that might drive people to IPv6:
    • It says you need IPv6 to play past level 3. What's IPv6?
    • Double points for IPv6 users? That's not fair!
    • How come your screen is in colour? ;-)

  9. About the most useful one is http://ipv6.google.com/ isn't it? It's Google!

    Tech: "Neither can we. It must be broken. Not our problem."
    EU: "No it's not, and I just confirmed that my wife is accessing it from home right now. Are you seriously suggesting a google website is down?"


    Tech: "Why use that address? just use www.google.com"
    EU: "I'm sorry, are you telling me which websites I should visit? I cannot access a major service provider (Google) on the Internet connection you have given me. I don't care www works. If I couldn't access google.co.uk or .com would you tell me to access google.fr or .de?"

  10. You could always make your blog IPv6 only accessible; or at least if you visit on an 'old internet' only system, have it go through an advert for an ISP that provides 'full internet' access.

    Also, why not have something at the top of the (blog) page congratulating your 'full internet' visitors for doing it right, and slagging off the 'old internet' visitors (or their ISPs)

  11. I've a bit of php on my own pages which either says ipv4 or in my case

    Your IP is 2001:8b0:5a:0:600d:beef
    Congratulations You're using : IPv6
    You must have Super Cow Powers !


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