IPv6 and office printers

Well, we ordered a new office printer as the old one is finally falling to bits (literally).

It was in fact ordered minutes before my new mandate that we only buy IPv6 capable kit :-)

However, it arrives, and yes, does IPv6. In fact the IPv6 "just worked" and it took them a few minutes to sort the IPv4...

It just goes to show that some manufacturers heeded the many warnings that came out back in 2007 and started actually including IPv6 in their development processes.

Xerox Colorcube 8570


  1. and thats the testiment to ipv6 ... it should JUST WORK ® (and often is even without the user actually knowing it)

    and ipv4 takes a few mins to sort out

    hurry up ipv4 DIE DIE DIE

  2. I wonder how many people are going to end up accidently leaving their IPv6 printers internet accessible.

  3. So you know, the Lexmark Lasers also do IPv6 (and that just worked on ours) and I think the latest HP JetDirect ports do, too. unfortunately the JetDirect in our printer does not, I intend to change this as soon as I find a compatible JetDirect port :-)

  4. I had a look a while ago and HP jetdirect interfaces seemed to only support IPv6 in the gigabit capable versions.


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