No more IPv4

Just a few minutes ago today at 14:30 IANA ceremonially handed over the last blocks of IPv4 addresses to the five regional registries.

It is down hill from now on.

I am pleased to say that we (AAISP) are ordering our first batch of IPv6 ADSL routers today, and expect to be supplying to customers in a couple of weeks.

(The Chinese New Year had delayed things slightly)

P.S. do listen to The day the routers died


  1. Yay.. ipv6 routers.

    Do they work? :p

  2. Damn! Ordered my new ADSL Line at the office too early... Provision date is 16th, would I be able to get one of these IPv6 ones? :-)

  3. Lets get them in and re-test things first. These are the ones that have WiFi and stuff, so normally sold for more.

    I expect we'll put on sale initially, but I am pondering doing a special offer with them being the "Free with new orders" router for a limited time.

    Such offers are always tricky though...

  4. When will you be providing IPv6 on your data only mobile SIMs? It's the only reason I got one...

  5. These new routers will still work with internetClassic (™) ?


  6. Do they do a plain, non-"WiFi and stuff" version like the old Zyxels?

    Half-way through rearranging my network and could do with a cheap and cheerful IPv6-capable modem!

  7. It seems that for all the manufacturers the cheaper routers are coming along later. We are chasing that.


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