Impulse buying

Well, I commented on the demise of shops and how Internet based companies works so well. Today I was really impressed!

At 11:30 yesterday (yes, SUNDAY) I ordered a phone from a company called handtec.

I got the usual emails confirming my order a few minutes later.

This morning at 07:45 I got an email saying expect delivery between 08:08 and 09:08

It just arrived, 08:15 using a carrier called DPD

OMG! I have never had a "next day" order from Sunday delivered Monday.


  1. you dont say what the new toy is ?

    we're dying with curiosity :D

  2. And you've broken it already HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  3. Its an indestructible phone, and it has broken.
    Now to test the 3 year unconditional warranty!


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