Snoms and IPv6, fail! (pic)

Well, I was planning to spend the day getting the SNOMs using IPv6 working with our call server. Unfortunately I have hit a brick wall already.

James kindly set them up, checked they registered, and could at least try and make a call (no audio it seems), so I had a good starting point. He even gave me detailed notes, put the IPs in forward and reverse DNS and put labels on the phone for me. Pretty much exactly everything I could want.

Sadly not working, so I go to check the IP they actually have.

First failure, as you can probably just make out from the picture, is that the phone can no longer fit the IP on the screen when you press the help button. This normally shows the IP, and any IPv4 address fits, so they have no horizontal scrolling function. The IPv6 gets as far as showing me the network and runs out of space, d'oh!

So I go in to the phone menu to check the IP setting. That screen says my IP is

[20, 0, 0, 0

Which is not that helpful.

Sadly they are not registering, not ping[6]ing and just basically not working at all.

[Yes, I have tried turning it off and back on again!]

Sounds like back to the drawing board already.

This display issue does rather highlight that issues with IPv6 are not really going to be that technical. I bet there are loads of niggles like this, somewhat like Y2K, which will be easily fixed when people find them, but just have not been through about.

And yes, I know snom are way behind on IPv6, but we have lots of people with Snoms, and they are generally quite nice phones, so trying to get the buggers working.


  1. I can't, for the life of me, work out why SNOM don't just give you the source code and an NDA so you can only release RevK .bins

    I am sure that you would increase the value of their phones more in 1 day that they have in the last 3 years.

  2. I assume you're running latest firmware etc - also, not sure if this is still the case but I did hear the Snom firmware will only do either pure IPv6 or pure IPv4, it won't dual stack (which might screw up RTP a bit given AFAIK the carriers are all still IPv4) - their wiki seems to indicate this is still the case: http://wiki.snom.com/Networking/IPv6

  3. Yes, latest s/w, and on Friday we managed to establish calls. Today I can't even ping[6].

    IPv6 only, whilst annoying, should be doable. Mapping the RTP where there is an IPv4/6 mismatch was what I was expecting to do today.

    Anyway, cinema with my daughter instead.

  4. Given that you now only buy IPv6 capable kit, what handsets have you found which do work?

  5. Well, they claim to do IPv6, so getting it fixed :-)


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