That, Jen, is "The Internet"! (pic)

I was pleased to be able to include in my presentation to LINX yesterday "The Internet".

It is surprisingly small, and obviously The Internet does not weigh anything. It is wireless, of course, but we had to be careful not to drop it or all hell would break loose.

We don't keep it at the top of Big Ben anymore - the Orc looks after it to ensure it is kept safe (see pic).

Thanks to Andrew for taking a trip to Maplins and putting it together over the weekend. I was posing for photographs all evening.

On the back it says:-


Property of The Elders of the Internet

WARNING: Demagnetize before transport
(contact The Hawk for details)

Return to Big Ben


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  1. So you don't keep it on Big Ben anymore but it's still engraved to say return to Big Ben?


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