Entry level broadband IPv6 routers?

OK, just had an email from a supplier - they have entry level IPv6 broadband routers. We are getting a sample. The pricing is similar to what we do now (IPv4 zyxel router), so would allow us to switch over to supplying IPv6 routers as the standard supply freebie router with new services...

Ideally we want to be supplying *only* IPv6 capable routers by the end of this month. A challenge I know.

Watch this space...


  1. If they work, sign me up...

  2. would you mind sharing who this supplier is ?

  3. SOme bunch called comtrend - not really idea if they live up to their claims on this box yet - but at least they have one box (the wifi one) that pretty much works.

  4. My router/modem seems to be slowly failing. I keep losing my connection but also it loses wifi and web service quite often too - so I suspect the modem rather than the line...

    Hoping it lasts out long enough so I can get an ipv6 capable replacement and not have to replace it twice in a month!

  5. Just as long as they do a better job of complying with EMC regs than their HomePlug adaptors do, that sounds awesome :-)

  6. http://www.getipv6.info/index.php/Broadband_CPE suggests the CT-5374 has ipv6 firmware available... that's ADSL/VDSL as well.

  7. I love the website : http://www.comtrend.com/office.htm , just hover on their UK office gives mailto:http://www.comtrend.com

    I really hope they outsource their development ;p

    sigh !! ....

  8. Do you know what ZyXel's plans are for introducing IPv6 DSL routers? We currently supply the 660HW and would like to keep ahead of the curve if possible!

  9. They have plans but are not ready yet from what we can see.

  10. I have a CT-5374 beside me on my desk. Here's a list of open issues that I have with Comtrend:
    1. When configuring a routed WAN interface, the GUI requires manually entering the next hop IPv6 address. Shouldn't this be learned via RA from the upstream router? (Broadcom firmware gap that Broadcom addressed in new firmware December/January)
    2. The GUI asks for static IPv6 DNS addresses in dotted quad form (
    3. Don't see prefix-delegation support. Could be there, just don't see it.
    4. LAN GUI mentions Linux term "Enable RADVD". Might be more appropriate to rename it SLACC?
    5. Any plans for RFC 6106 support?
    6. WAN info page in GUI doesn't show IPv6 address
    7. RADVD doesn't seem to be working, as PC gets no IPv6 address.

    If revk's experiences are different, would love to hear.



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